A few words of thanks…

A note to our fans:
Thanks for supporting me and the band these past seven years. We’ve had a blast playing for you at some of the greatest country venues around Chicago. Our heartfelt thanks to our three mainstays: FitzGerald’s, the Hideout and the Outta Space. To our die-hard fans and two-steppers: you know we’re going to miss you… but I’ve got a feeling you’ll be seeing us, in new forms, around town very soon.
Michael O’Briant
January 2019

World’s Greatest ‘Ngagement

Thanks to our original FOB (Fan of the Band) and radio host extraordinaire Roe Conn for having us on his show for his new feature, LIVE Music Friday from Studio G! Roe’s crack production team and the spankin’ new WGN studios had us at howdy.

Thanks to modern technology, y’all can give it a listen right HERE!